software & ICT solutions

Who We Are

T-SOFT is developing innovative software and high-performance hardware solutions for telematics and IoT. We provide big data analysis tools, artificial intelligence apps, machine learning algorithms and artificial neural networks to make the most of business efficiency.

Our Advantages

We have successfully embedded our technologies for the largest banks, the most popular car brands, and telecommunication companies.

Оne of the most important parts of our daily work is providing modern technotogies and highly secure IT solutions to protect your data.

Our cumulative experience has grown continuously through the management and implementation of hundreds of projects. 

Our Solutions

Connected Car Platform


Professional tool for GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management.


App for Connected Car


Approved by BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Lexus.

Sales Portal


Cloud-based sales support tool - digitalized customer sales journey.


Hardware for IoT


Ready-to-use solutions for simply tracking or advanced reporting and alerts.

AI Video Platform


Real-time video analytics and self-learning operation decision management.

Customer Solutions

Business automation, data analysis and decision support systems.              


Benefits of T-SOFT Solutions



Increase in Operator Compliance


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Service Profitability


Reduced Costs

Our Customers


T-Soft representatives have been excellent to work with in the past and I hope that you can find opportunities to experience their customer service, attention to detail in future sourcing needs.


Jonathan Anderson

InvestCorp LTD

T-Soft has been our trusted partner for 2 years. Thanks to you for all you do in keeping delivery on-time, the quality that meets specifications, and competitive pricing.


Ilya Kakovkin

Cesar Satellite

I feel like part of their industrial family. Placing orders with Telesoft has always been easy and I have never incurred any negative issues. I am more than satisfied.

Jeoffrey Daniels

MarkeIn Company