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Telesoft Software

Telesoft Automotive Telematics Platform

Open new horizons in providing the best driving experience. 


  • Cloud-based solution 
  • Micro-service architecture
  • Modular setup
  • Unlimited horizontal scalability
  • Big data processing algorithms
  • Interfaces for service providers, emergency response forces, insurance companies, vehicle dealers and vehicle OEMS
  • Integration with CRM and billing systems, mobile network operators, insurance ERP systems

Telesoft Mobile App for Connected Car

Approved by BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Lexus. Used by the leading telematics and security service providers. 


  • Vehicle statuses 
  • Location and routes
  • Remote control
  • Service messages
  • Push ads and messages
  • Billing and payments


Telesoft Video Platform

Real-time video analytics and self-learning operation decision management. 

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Micro-service architecture
  • Unlimited horizontal scalability
  • Real-time video analytics
  • Archive video deep analysis and reporting
  • Self-learning operation decision management (AI)
  • Interfaces for customers, service providers, marketing specialists, sales managers, data scientists and engineers
  • Integration with CRM and billing systems, MNOs

Sales Portal

Cloud-based sales support tool - digitalized customer sales journey.


  • Decision-making support tools for the salesman
  • Automated products, up-sell and cross-sell offerings
  • Online customer communication (e-mail, sms)
  • On-line payments
  • Extended sales analytics intuitive sales process design and content management tool Integration with CRM and ERP systems
  • Available under SaaS model


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Customer-tailored Solution

The shortest way to achieve your goals.


  • Business automation 
  • Enterprise neural networks
  • Marketplaces and e-commerce
  • Data analysis and decision support systems